If your child is prone to cavities, it might be time to schedule them a sealant treatment. Dental sealants help isolate and protect the teeth from tooth decay. It helps discourage the growth of bacterial deposits like plaque, calculus and tarter, and it keeps their teeth healthy. Find out more from our dentists by contacting our office at 832-301-8433 today!

Sealant treatments use a resin that is clear or matches the natural color of the teeth. When your child comes in, our dentists will paint over the top surface of their teeth. This fills in natural grooves and crevices on the surface of the enamel. Without sealants, these areas can be difficult to clean and attract cavities. By smoothing over the surface, there are less places for bacteria to grow and it makes brushing easier.

Though sealants can be used on patients of all ages, Serenity Dental most often recommends them for patients from age 6 to 12. Plan a dental sealant treatment in Houston, Texas, for your child today. Dr. Jeffrey Chung and their associates can complete this treatment quickly, in just one visit to our practice. Once the dental sealant is finished, it can continue to protect your child’s teeth for years to come.