What you eat has a big impact on both general and oral health. There are many different foods that can help strengthen teeth or promote bacteria and weaken the enamel. For instance, foods with a high sugar content can feed bacteria and lead to cavities and tooth decay. If there are nutrients missing from a patient’s diet, it can lead to oral disease and disorders late in life. Even day-to-day, diets with low-nutrition can increase acidity and bacteria in the mouth.

To help keep your child’s mouth healthy, make sure that they have a well-balanced, nutritional diet. Vitamins like vitamin A and B help the teeth grow strong and keep your mouth healthy. Eating the right foods can help your child avoid infection, disease and tooth decay.

Metabolism varies from patient to patient and some may need more nutrients than others. Meet with our dentists to see how to improve your child’s diet. Dr. Jeffrey Chung and their associates can review your child’s health history, examine for existing problems and make recommendations for changes. However, when choosing your child’s diet, Serenity Dental generally asks that parents:

  • Take the time to read the labels on food
  • Choose foods that are look in sugar and carbohydrates (which contain sugar molecules)
  • Have children get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Encourage children to drink water, not sugary soft drinks or juice
  • Make sure their child’s diet includes calcium and phosphorus
  • Brush after meals and floss each day

If you have questions about how to make changes to your child’s diet, call 832-301-8433 and make an appointment for nutritional guidance in Houston, Texas.