Fluoride is a mineral compound that is effective at preventing the development of cavities. While it appears naturally in foods and water sources (and is often added to toothpaste) this may not be enough to protect your child’s teeth. Serenity Dental offers fluoride treatments in Houston, Texas, to help supplement fluoride intake.

Fluoride can be used for patients of different ages, but our dentists will most often recommend this treatment for children. As the teeth develop, fluoride can strengthen the enamel, leaving them less prone to cavities. Throughout the day, bacteria, acid and sugars from food can slowly erode away tooth structure. Fluoride fights off demineralization and strengthens the enamel. This is especially import for teeth that are still growing.

During your child’s regular exam, Dr. Jeffrey Chung or their associates may recommend a fluoride treatment. Our office can complete this during the appointment or recommend additional visits. We may also suggest that the parents look into fluoride supplements for their child. Fluoride can be found in a foam, gel, varnish or pill. Learn more about professional fluoride treatments at our office; call 832-301-8433 and plan an appointment with our office today. A member of our team or our dentists can meet with you to discuss fluoride treatments and whether they are necessary for your child’s dental health.