Serenity Dental is here keep your smile safe. If you play sports or participate in athletics, there is always the risk of injury. To help protect your teeth during these activities, our dentists may recommend an athletic mouth guard. These appliances can prevent dental injuries, such as chipped enamel or knocked-out teeth. They also can prevent the teeth from cutting or injuring the soft tissue of the mouth, such as the lips, gums, tongue or inside of the cheeks. There are several different types of mouth guards, all designed to help protect your teeth. Find out more about our options for guards by calling 832-301-8433.

Sports guards fit over the teeth, protecting them from accident and injury. It is especially important to have protection when playing high-contact sports, such as hockey, wrestling or football. However, Dr. Jeffrey Chung recommends wearing appliances when playing other sports (such as basketball, soccer or baseball) which also can result in injuries.

While there are many different kinds of mouth guards, the better they fit your teeth, the better they protect your mouth. The best kinds of appliances are custom-fitted to your unique smile. Get an athletic mouth guard in Houston, Texas, and see how it can keep your smile safe from injury. Plan an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Chung and their associates today!