Find a better, more beautiful smile in just six months! Powerprox Six Month Braces® are a great way for patients to quickly straighten their smile. Many orthodontic treatments can take a year and a half or even over two years. Traditional braces can require many appointments with our dentists, which can increase the overall cost of treatment. Powerprox combines traditional orthodontics with cutting-edge techniques for a more effective experience.

Six-month braces have many advantages over other forms of orthodontics. Often patients find the process to be more comfortable than traditional braces. With a shorter treatment time, the process is more hygienic and can keep your mouth healthy. Powerprox braces are also available in tooth-colored brackets and wires. These more easily blend in with your smile, for a more discreet treatment. With less appointments, patients can also save money, especially compared with other, longer orthodontics.

For faster, more affordable, more discreet orthodontic treatment, visit Serenity Dental for Powerprox Six Month Braces in Houston, Texas. Call 832-301-8433 for a Powerprox consultation and a member of our team can help arrange a meeting with our dentists. During your visit, Dr. Jeffrey Chung and their associates will outline a treatment plan, answer questions and outline the benefits of orthodontic treatment.