With so much information online, it can be difficult to discern what kinds of dental treatments will help you reach your personal smile goals. To help you better understand your smile and what can be done to help you create the smile you have always wanted, it is a good idea to schedule an individual consultation with our dentists and team. Dr. Jeffrey Chung and associates offer dental consultations in Houston, Texas, to help you get the information and care you need.

All consultations are different, depending on your needs and the purpose of your consultation. For example, a consultation for dental veneers will be very different from a consultation about dental implants or other restorative treatments. Regardless of your purpose for the consultation, the results of a consultation are important for both the patient and the doctor. During your appointment, we will review your dental history, assess your smile (using visual inspection and possibly X-rays), and we will discuss your goals.

These one-on-one consultations allow you to learn more about the procedure and whether or not you are a good candidate for the treatment. It also allows you to understand your options based on budget, comfort level and cosmetic desires.

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